In line with GEPACK’s Global Strategy and one of the pillars of Sustainable        Development, aware of the importance of the protection and enhancement of the Environment and its responsibility in this area, GEPACK defines the present Environmental Policy, establishing and approving the following principles:

  1. Establish and periodically review principles, objectives and targets, taking into account processes and significant impacts, to ensure sustainable development, pollution prevention and continuous improvement of the environmental management system, including environmental performance;

  2. Ensure that our business and products are conducted in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, standardization and other requirements;

  3. To systematically improve the performance of the activity, favoring the adoption of the best available techniques and environmentally efficient solutions, particularly with regard to the choice and use of materials, raw materials, and chemicals that we use;

  4. Consider a life cycle perspective in the approach to our activities, products and services;

  5. To make employees aware and continuously train them to use the best environmental practices in their functions and to periodically communicate to them, in an open and transparent manner, the evolution of the organizational performance in this area;

  6. To prevent the occurrence of environmental accidents, at a local level, and to minimize the associated impacts if they do occur;

  7. Decrease the production of effluents and waste, promoting, whenever possible, its reduction, reuse and/or recycling;

  8. Minimize the greenhouse gas balance associated with the various areas of our activities, products, and services;

  9. Minimize consumption of raw materials, water, electricity, and fossil fuels.

Communicate to stakeholders, including but not limited to suppliers, partners, customers and potential users of our products, all the principles by which GEPACK is governed in order to contribute to a global environmental awareness.