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We strive to build a diverse and inclusive workplace in which we nurture our team, ensuring learning and growth on a high performance environment

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PET is a remarkable energy efficient packaging material, strong and versatile. As it is reusable and the most recycled material in the recyclable packaging industry, PET has an excellent sustainability profile

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Solar power is a 100% clean, renewable energy source. With 2MW solar power our carbon foot print was reduced by +25% just in the last years

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Geothermal energy is another sustainable and renewable energy source that is still largely unexplored. GEPACK leads the industrial path by having 1.2MW geothermal plant to sustainably meet its cooling needs, reducing, once again, our carbon foot print by +10%

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Everything about PET

PET is an amazing material: reusable, recyclable, resource efficient, light, strong and shatter proof. It has an almost infinite number of applications from textile, construction to packaging industries…

It is the most incredible recyclable packaging material, versatile and safe, with the lowest carbon footprint when compared to other packaging materials, not only as a virgin resin but also in its recycling process and after use. Let us elaborate…


Our Benefits

PET containers in good conditions are safe to be reused, as long as properly cleansed and stored. Its recycling symbol is #1 because it is the most recyclable plastic.

Beautiful containers that are very challenging to distinguish from glass on a shelve.

It is shatter proof, It holds its shape, doesn’t dent and can be stiff or squeezable.

10x lighter when compared to an equivalent packaging material and because it can be thinner it takes 30% less space.

Has great barrier properties against moisture, microorganisms, and gases.

Very little raw material, energy,  water and conditioning materials are required to produce fully functional containers. Production process uses up to 70% less energy than other materials.

Product design has been decreasing the use of material per package over 30% in the last decade

Our manufacturing processes are powered by 45% clean energy that we produce in our own solar and geothermal infrastructures

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Recycling and Water Treatment

GEPACK works with local partners to foster a better waste management and a recycling infrastructure that can ensure all materials that can be recycled undergoe the due processes. This reduces waste contribuiting to create a sustainable environment. All sanitary waste is treated at our own wastewater treatment plant.


PET Reuse


We actively foster PET reuse with pioneer projects. We have developed unique containers that not only ensure long lasting reuse, but with their unique design, introduced a new stylish segment of reusable water bottles in Europe. 

GEPACK proved that a sustainable close loop with PET containers can bring value to the customer and to the environment. We reuse energy, we reuse water, we reuse water cooling, we reuse waste, we reuse resin, …. to assure environment and business sustainability.

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