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Silver rating by EcoVadis

Green and sustainable manufacturing is possible! ECOVADIS has validated GEPACK with top SILVER medal based on:

. Environment

. Labor & human rights

. Ethics

. Sustainable procurement

Over the years, SUSTAINABILITY has been a key word that shapes GEPACK’s strategic vision, and in more practical terms our daily work. Our internal framework is inspired by a culture of social responsibility and environmental efficiency, as the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices contribute positively directly for the organization and our employees, but also and our customers, and a multitude of stakeholders at a local, national, and international level. Our ethical approach to sustainable manufacturing resides in three main pillars: People, Stakeholders, and Resources.

GEPACK has been providing reliable and rewarding employment, training, and career advancement for those who have joined the corporate ranks. Nowadays, we are proud to have not only a local community but a multicultural and gender-balanced team from a diverse, yet complementary academic and professional backgrounds.

At a local level, the social and economic impact generated by GEPACK spreads through a network of suppliers and service providers. For the last 20 years our support to several social and environmental projects, alongside a close cooperation with local governmental agencies has allowed us to deepen our connection with the social and corporate fabric around us.

GEPACK fully embraced a rational use of resources, that seek a zero-waste policy, through re-using and recycling. We are one of the top European packaging companies that most heavily invested in green energy, such as the biggest photovoltaics and geothermic plant installation on our segment, among other technological initiatives to sustain an operation through economically sound processes that mitigate negative environmental impacts, while improving overall efficiency.

In conclusion, we are not only honored to receive Silver medal recognition from ECOVADIS, but completely focused on embracing it’s methodology to maximize business profitability.

A final thanks to GEPACK team that daily makes all this happen, every minute, every hour, all 360days each year!


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