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Certificado Rpet

Leading the Way: GEPACK Earns AENOR Certification for Sustainable RPET Usage

We have achieved the prestigious AENOR EN15343 certification, with the highest! this is a significant milestone in our commitment to sustainability within the plastics sector.

With the implementation of Law 7/2022 on contaminated waste and soil, which includes a new tax on non-reusable packaging made from non-recycled plastic, for some Europena contries, organizations using such materials face new challenges. However, the AENOR certification provides a solution by verifying the recycled plastic content and ensuring traceability, enabling companies to reduce or avoid the tax payment.

This certification extends beyond packaging, covering various plastic-containing products like car dashboards, credit cards, and mobile phone cases, showcasing a broader commitment to sustainability.

Aligned with the principles of the circular economy, GEPACK’s certifications, alongside the Operation Clean Sweep model, are part of the Trusted Platform: “Circular Economy for Plastics,” offering solutions for companies to transition towards more sustainable practices.

This certification, is our commitment with our customers,but it also empowers the plastics industry to demonstrate its dedication to circularity, providing a valuable differentiation for products and reinforcing the sector’s commitment to sustainability. GEPACK’s attainment of the AENOR EN15343 certification underscores its leadership in driving positive environmental impact within the plastics industry.


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