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GEPACK partnering with Bantam Materials

Bantam is actively preventing Ocean Plastic in a strategic move towards greater sustainability. GEPACK has forged a groundbreaking partnership with Bantam Materials, empowering clients with the option to make bottles using RPET sourced from preventive ocean plastic PET resin.

This collaboration opens possibilities for clients seeking eco-conscious packaging solutions. By integrating Bantam Materials’ RPET into their offerings, GEPACK provides a sustainable alternative without compromising on quality or performance. Notably, the decision to utilize RPET from 25% upt to 100%, remains at the discretion of clients, reflecting GEPACK’s commitment to flexibility and customer empowerment.

This approach recognizes the diverse needs and preferences of businesses while offering a tangible opportunity to contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

As sustainability continues to drive innovation in the packaging industry, GEPACK’s collaboration with Bantam Materials sets a proactive environmental stewardship. By offering the RPET option, GEPACK invites clients to join them in the collective endeavor to combat ocean plastic and foster a more sustainable future.


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