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GEPACK we go further

We go further with the community

GEPACK stands out in solidarity actions throughout 2023.

Our social commitment throughout 2023 has been rewarding! We contributed to solidarity initiatives in different communities.

We were an active presence at the “Caminhada da Ascensão” in Aveiras de Cima, an event that promotes socializing and physical activity. We offered reusable bottles to encourage sustainability.

We also contributed to the “Festa dos Quarentões de Pontével” with reusable bottles, which were sold by the organization to raise funds.

Support for “CERCI Flor da Vida-Azambuja” was a priority, and we contributed with a donation that enabled us to provide vacations for the institution’s residents.

On the sports scene, we sponsored the futsal team of the “Casa do Povo de Aveiras de Cima”, promoting not only sports, but also the values of teamwork and solidarity.

We spared no effort to contribute to local health, making a significant donation of equipment to the Orthopedics unit of the “Centro Hospitalar do Oeste” (CHO), thus strengthening the region’s medical resources.

During the Christmas season, we dedicated part of our Christmas party to building 6 bicycles for childcare institutions, “Casa Mãe de Aveiras de Cima” and “CEBI Alverca”. All the employees present took part and it was a moment of conviviality and sharing.

As the year 2023 draws to a close, we are reinforcing our role as an agent of social transformation, as a company with a positive impact on society.


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